I’m a MasterChef for Remy & Quincy

MasterChef for Remy & Quincy

You guys! I’m so, so glad to say that Remy is slowly on the mend! His “business” (*ahem*) is healthier, he’s not panting excessively, his breathing normalized, and he’s got a bit of his appetite back! Speaking of the latter, today made me realize something: I’m a MasterChef for Remy & Quincy.

Remy is on a completely bland diet (2wks and counting!) by vet order; and Quincy is reaping the rewards of his brother’s current gastrointestinal issues. Which… that is certainly what I’m hoping is the issue. He seems to have rebounded quite a bit since he started his meds, so I’m really hoping we’re on the right track with his treatment!

Master Chef for Remy & Quincy
Remy & Quincy were watching MasterChef while I made them dinner.

My little fur-babies have been eating like kings for 2 weeks now. If it’s not boiled chicken breast, they’re getting chicken rice, potatoes, pasta, or something else of that nature. Remy is insanely picky, so he’s primarily sticking to the chicken, but today, I finally found a carb that keeps him coming back: carrots. With MasterChef and Gordon Ramsay on in the background, I boiled chicken in broth and steamed baby carrots for my dogs’ dinner tonight. And suddenly, I had an epiphany:

“Holy shit, my dogs eat healthier/better than me.”

I don’t even steam vegetables for myself, let alone having carrots in the house.

When It Comes To Cooking

It’s always shows like MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen that make me really jealous of anyone who can just put together recipes using whatever is in their fridge. Partially because I rarely have much food in my fridge to begin with.

But I digress.

MasterChef for Remy & QuincyThis season of MasterChef has been really interesting, and we’re only 5 episodes in. Usually I have a favorite by now that I’m pulling for, but this time there are quite a few of them! I know who I don’t like and who I wished bad juju on: the people who come in all overconfident, cocky, and frankly, d-bags.

So obviously I was ecstatic when Mark was the first one sent home. I don’t know why, but I’m also not a fan of Dino. Maybe because he made up his own catchphrase? I don’t know, but I find him annoying as all get out. Paige also went out on a pretty burnt note. How must it feel to have everyone call a name that deserves to stay in the kitchen and, oh yeah, it’s not yours?

MasterChef for Remy & Quincy
Jason blew the judges away (and made me want to go eat Japanese)
In episode 5, the chef’s had to use a bunch of shellfish in the individual challenge. Important point: I’m so glad that Jason won. I find him such an adorable character, and he’s always trying so hard and smiling and yeah. Huge fan of his, and I’ve never heard Gordon say, “What would I change? Nothing.” His food literally made my mouth water. And then I was like, “What the heck is a geoduck (pronounced ‘gooey-duck’)?”

And the Elimination challenge? Guys. Why does Gordon Ramsay have to complicate scrambled eggs? I thought I knew how to make scrambled eggs until I watched this episode, and now that’s one less recipe under my umbrella. Come on. But I’ll just have to pull a Gabriel (who I adore and really hope wins the whole competition), and look up the video on YouTube. Which, btw, I think I root for Gabriel because he comes from such a humble place compared to everyone else. He’s just a young kid that works at Chipotle. But he’s so freaking talented, and still so humble.

But let’s be real: even I know not to over-pepper an egg so much that it turns grey. So if even I know that? Well.

Bye, Heather.